Biosof's consulting services help organizations utilize cutting edge algorithms and methodologies in their business processes. Our expertise in sequence analysis has been applied to a number of business problems where we integrated proprietary and non-proprietary technologies. For further information please contact

Sequence Analysis

Biosof employs proprietary and non-proprietary technologies in the drug-discovery/drug-design and material processing fields to help organizations get the most out of their data and enable scientists solve today's intractable questions. Biosof's sequence analysis services is a strategic cost effective solution in which our consultants and our clients' work together on maximizing our clients' data using innovative approaches.

Increasing Returns on your Life-Science Software Investment

With a combined experience of over 3 decades in the life science industry Biosof established and implements a set of best practices to organize, maintain and further grow your bioinformatics infrastructure. Our team will survey your current computation environment and will determine how to best organize your software development, maintenance and documentation efforts.

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