Sequence Analysis, Structure and Function Prediction

With over 100,000 users across the world and 20 years of development the PredictProtein sequence analysis suite is the premier research tool for proteomics professionals. Incorporating well over 20 different protein structure and function prediction the software combines the widest breadth of annotaion with un-compormising quality. PredictProtein integrates feature prediction for:

    • Secondary structure
    • Solvent accessibility
    • Transmembrane helices
    • Globular regions
    • Coiled-coil regions
    • Structural switch regions
    • B-values
    • Disorder regions
    • Intra-residue contacts
    • Protein-protein
    • protein-DNA binding sites
    • Sub-cellular localization
    • Domain boundaries
    • Beta-barrels
    • Cysteine bonds
    • Metal binding sites and disulphide bridges

PredictProtein Interface



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