Management Team

Burkhard Rost, PhD

Founder and Co-CEO

Burkhard Rost

Dr. Rost is a Humboldt professor at the Technische Universität München and a world renowned authority in the field of bioinformatics. Dr. Rost has published over 100 scientific manuscripts and serves as the president of the International Society for Computational Biology. He is an editor of a number of scientific journals and a member of several scientific committees. Dr. Rost has been developing and exporting tools successfully for overa decade. Most of these methods required the development of novel algorithms for the analysis of protein sequences, and the prediction of protein structure and function. These include the PHD and PROF methods (prediction of secondary structure , solvent accessibility , inter-residue contacts , membrane helices and membrane strands. The Rost lab has also pioneered making methods for molecular biology publicly available. The Rost lab has also taken a leading role in what increasingly marks successful techniques in computational biology, namely methods that build on a plethora of other algorithms. Dr. Rost acted as a consultant and member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for LION Bioscience AG, a German developer of bioinformatics software.

Guy Yachdav

Founder and Co-CEO

Guy Yachdav

 Mr. Yachdav has over ten years experience of various software, database and information system development.Mr. Yachdav spearheaded the Genetegrate project at Columbia University and was instrumental at obtaining funding for the project. Guy has co-authored a number of papers that were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and was a presenter in a number of scientific conferences. Mr. Yachdav holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance from Columbia Business School and a BSc in Computer Science from Columbia University.


Yana Bromberg, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Yana Bromberg

Dr. Bromberg is a professor at Rutgers University with over 10 years of experience in the field of bioinformatics. Yana authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and reviews and has given a number of invited talks. She is also the primary investigator behind the development of PubSeq - Biosof's scientific knowledge search and management tool funded by the NIH'ss Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Yana is the current organizer of the SNP interest group meeting at the International Conference on Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology (ISMB), a member of the conference organization committee and an active participant in a number of scientific review boards. Dr. Bromberg's primary research interests lie in the analysis of biological high-throughput data. In the genomic sense, this primarily implies correlating phenotypic differences with observed nucleotide sequence variations. On the protein side the challenge generally is to annotate protein function at reasonable accuracy levels. Yana strives to formalize and solve problems in both of these directions in a way that can be applied to real world scenarios such as annotating the function of proteins that are consistently mutated in cancer lines or extracting similarities in SNP data from tissue samples of patients with diabetic phenotypes. Yana's overall research goal is to develop fast and accurate means of analyzing the growing deluge of high-throughput biological data and to bring these developments bench- or patient- side.

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